Compatriots, young men and women of Kythera and Antikythera,

It has been almost 9 years since you trusted me and my colleagues in the administration of our Municipality. From September 2014 until today, we have not stopped working for the good and progress of our islands.
We implemented major development projects: waste management, water supply, road construction, renovations, lighting, cultural utilization of municipal properties, sports facilities and playgrounds. We solved decades-old pending matters, we brought in funding that exceeds 75 million euros, an unprecedented amount for such a small Municipality. We put a lot of emphasis on everyday life.
We promoted our island as a modern and quality tourist destination, we contributed to the improvement of transport (2nd route to Gytheio, subsidized air lines, 2 routes from Neapoli to Antikythera, etc.), we promoted our island at major international tourism exhibitions and participated in important cultural actions that highlighted local history and culture. We financed local cultural schemes and bodies. We upgraded and expanded the twinning of our Municipality.
We adopted a new cooperative relationship with the Region, beyond and outside party and ideological barriers. The result of this cooperation is that the Region has carried out (and continues) projects with a budget of over 28 million in our Municipality.
In our current term, however, we have faced unprecedented situations that no one could have predicted. The coronavirus pandemic marked the current municipal period and created new data for all citizens, data that significantly affected the operation of the institutions as well: Lockdowns, working from home, restriction of movement, meetings on the go or through ZOOM, operation of services with reduced staff . In addition, the Municipalities were involved by order of the State in procedures not only unknown, but mainly outside their institutional duties, such as e.g. the vaccination process. However, despite the chain problems caused by the pandemic throughout the public administration, we succeeded: we completed and continue to implement an extensive program of large, medium and smaller projects, attracting funding of tens of millions of euros, for the benefit of all citizens.
In the municipal elections of October 8, 2023, we are the only reliable choice. Our combination consists of both experienced executives, who have given clear examples of writing in recent years, as well as new partners who for the first time claim a position and a role in the commons of our country. The combination of experience and renewal is the guarantee that the work we started in 2014 will continue unabated. Because, invoking only youth as an alleged success factor is not enough. On the contrary, it can create serious problems: inability to make correct and timely decisions, heated reactions, risk of smooth progress and completion of projects, loss of our important achievements, inability to understand important parameters of the labyrinthine public administration in a timely manner, lack of experience and clear orientation.
The administration of our Municipality is not a “game”. It requires experience, seriousness, deep knowledge of Local Government and the institutional framework of operation, administrative skills and above all combativeness, elements that only our combination can guarantee.
With these thoughts in mind, I have the honor to ask all of you to renew your trust in me and our combination for the new municipal term, pledging that we will continue to work for our Municipality in the way you all know : with responsibility, transparency and work.

With honor,
Stratos Charchalakis