1. The exercise of the Administration of the Municipality is always done in an official manner and never on the basis of personal or other pursuits and practices. The Administration is exercised equally for ALL Kytherians and citizens and not for a few or select ones. There are NO elected officials in our administration!

2. We do not promise projects that we know in advance are difficult or impossible to implement. The promise of unattainable goals is populism and constitutes ignorance of reality. Large-scale projects and infrastructures are rarely the exclusive responsibility of a Municipality, but fall on the central state, which we are always willing to assist at least in the study and maturation processes, as we did for the Southern Section Sewer that was recently financed with €28,000,000 from the Recovery Fund. Our Municipal Authority and faction will never promise projects or actions that belong to the responsibilities of other agencies or the central state without having clear commitments that they will be implemented.

3. Extroversion is a strategic choice at all levels. Participation in tourism exhibitions in Greece and abroad is done with a specific program and based on the markets – targets of Kythira, while the presence of the Municipality in European conferences on self-government must be a given. In a united and constantly changing Europe, collaborations and the exchange of experiences and good practices are a necessary element for the development course of a Municipality.

4. Relations of good cooperation with the Region and the rest of the public structures are necessary and are sought in every way, beyond and outside of party ideologies.

5. The Municipality is managed by the elected members of the Municipal Authority and not by party or parliamentary offices. Cooperation relations must exist with all the political forces of the democratic arc, but always in an official and institutional framework.

6. The local government and its representatives must be neither pro-government nor anti-government. They must serve the interest of their country and that alone, without party or other ramifications. Decisions must be made solely with this in mind.

7. The cooperation of the Municipality with specialized technical consultants is a necessary condition for the maturation and completion of the major projects that we started in our first term and for the attraction of new financing.

8. The touristic development of the island is pursued as a constant goal, but without depleting its natural resources. The Municipal Authority implements and plans necessary projects in the field of water supply, urban and liquid waste management, road construction, lighting, the upgrading of public spaces and in general everyday life, so that the goal of increasing the season can be served smoothly, but without the serious problems faced by other islands where the infrastructure projects could not cover the large tourist increase which preceded the infrastructure projects.

9. The responsibilities of the Municipalities are specific, as are those of the Region and the State. Agencies must cooperate with each other and not seek involvement in the responsibilities of other agencies. The opinion that all elected officials have responsibility and authority for all matters is not correct. That is why we will always emphasize to the central administration its own responsibilities and responsibilities and we will seek continuous cooperation with any Government in all matters without, however, hesitating to clash when the interest of the Municipality, our country and the citizens requires it us.

10. The administrative positions of the Municipal Authority and the Legal Entities of the Municipality do not have permanent occupants nor legal “owners”. The persons are rotated according to their ability and effectiveness, but also based on their real disposition and ability to offer to society as a whole.

11. The Mayor and all elected officials must always tell the citizens the truth, even if it is difficult or bitter. Populism has no place in our party. The easy promises, the big words, the supposedly innovative programs that everyone invokes but few know about, are nothing more than false hopes from the many we have heard for decades. Our faction will always tell the truth even if it is disturbing, without counting the “political cost”.

We have followed these principles since 2014 until today. We will continue with these principles as a Municipal Authority in the new municipal term. Because our faction is first and foremost a principled faction and not an opportunistic alliance with the aim of simply occupying positions of responsibility.

We want citizens to be our protagonists and allies. There have been critical situations, reduced staff, increased bureaucracy and specialization, we have experienced an unprecedented pandemic, we have witnessed strange and strange situations at every level of our lives.

We insist on believing in our citizens that they can embrace the purely voluntary administrative positions in our structures, such as NPDD, Committees, Home, etc. Our call is constant in an effort to revive social participation and self-determination. Together we can do more.