The axes of the Program

Great works of Cytherian importance

Find out about all the major projects of pan-Kytherian importance that we have completed to date.

Organization of the Municipality | Institutional | Financially

The organization of our Municipality, financial and institutional issues.

Road construction

New road construction, new markings, safer traffic.

Water supply projects

Water supply projects and planning for the next period.

Liquid waste management

News about biological cleaning, new networks and drainage in the islands of our Municipality.

Reenactments | Public spaces

Walking tours of traditional settlements, village reconstructions and related issues.

Education | Social Policy | Sport

New sports facilities, playgrounds, social events for young and old.


The upgrading, maintenance and promotion of culture is of particular concern to us. Get informed about our actions.

Tourism | Promotion | Extroversion

All tourism exhibitions around the world, promotion actions on social networks, websites and media, destination branding and related issues.

Energy | Environment

Actions to improve conservation and improvement of the environment, energy community and reduction of energy consumption in our islands.


Find out about the CLLD LEADER program and the funding it brought to the island as well as the new LEADER that is starting.

Port Fund

Issues and questions about the Port Fund